Paramedic’s Crazy First Night

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Dean literally couldn’t believe what was happening. He was in a darkened bedroom lit by a single overhead light and the flashlights of his two-person EMS crew. There was a struggle was taking place, accompanied by grunting, growls and shouts of the two paramedics and their patient. The smaller of the two EMS providers, a diminutive dark-haired female was wrestling with a large, snarling, furred creature on the bed.

“Get me the glucagon,” said paramedic crew chief Brynne Garvey through gritted teeth. “RIGHT NOW!” Brynne was apparently a lot stronger than she looked, Dean thought as he struggled to figure out how to reconstitute the powdered drug in the preloaded syringe. She was only about five foot two inches tall with her long, straight brown hair pulled back in a pony tail.

“Probie. I. Need. That. Syringe.” She said through gritted teeth.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!. I’ve never used one of these prefab syringes before.” Probationary paramedic Dean Flynn finally got the syringe assembled and handed it to his preceptor. “Here.”

“I can’t do it. I’m a little busy here,” she says as she grabbed one of the creatures flailing arm and pinned it to its body with one leg, avoiding the claws that had spontaneously grown out of the fingertips. “You do it, probie! It’s time you stepped up your game and showed me why you got this gig to begin with.” The struggle on the bed intensified. “DO IT! GLUCAGON! NOW!” The last was almost a whisper.

Dean stepped forward hesitantly and then injected the syringe into the hairy thigh of the creature struggling with his partner on the bed.

As the beast continued to struggle, Brynne muttered under her breath. “Humans are easy to save.”

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