Extreme Medical Services Book Cover Finalized

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After a run with over 20 different designers at 99designs.com the final cover for the novel “Extreme Medical Services” has been chosen. It was a close race between the finalists but the simplicity of the winning design and it’s ability to “grab the eye” in a smaller format (like on Amazon) is what pulled it through. Here’s the winning design:

Extreme Medical Services EMS BookSome of you may notice that I changed the tag line for the novel. In the original contest entries it was “Medical Care On The Fringes Of Society.” I didn’t think that was quite right and after some discussion with my very able editor, Sam Bradley, we changed it to the one in the cover above, “Medical Care On The Fringes Of Humanity.”

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Extreme Medical Services Publishing Update

I’ve also heard from several of you regarding when the book is going to be released. The book is at the line editor now getting some final polish and review for typos and simple grammatical errors. This is to catch things I missed in the structural rewrite. I’m integrating the editing advice into the chapters as they are completed once Sam sends them back to me. The goal is to get that process completed by mid-August.

What that mid-August editing deadline means is that the book could (should) be available for pre-orders on Amazon by September 1 with a release of the book to coincide with the upcoming EMS World Expo conference in Las Vegas in mid-September. The plan is to have a limited number of copies of the book for sale/signing in the Physio-Control Podcast Studio there. Our booth number is #229 so look for us there if you’ll be in attendance.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Email group and I’ll send you updates on the status of the book each week until it’s released! Just fill out the formĀ here and get the first seven chapters for free!


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  1. Steve Cripe RN says:

    Jamie, I would like to sign up for email group to know when book is available, but the link to “this side of the site” doesn’t seem to lead anywhere so I can sign up. Thanks!

    • extrememedic says:

      Thanks for the heads up. I’ll check the link and see if I can work out a fix. I’ll let you know.

  2. extrememedic says:

    Try this link. There was a glitch in the code.


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