In Paramedic Books, Life is Truly Stranger Than Fiction

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I was chatting online with a Facebook friend recently about the book coming out and he said that he was really enjoying the Extreme Medical Services 7 chapter preview so far. He also said that it was funny how much the emergency medical services encounters the paramedics in the book run into resembled “real life ambulance calls.” My friend is a paramedic, too, like me. I told him that life was stranger than fiction, even in paramedic books with vampire’s who need ambulances.

Realistic Paramedic Books

paranormal-paramedic-booksThe truth is that any resemblance to real life patients is accidental but that the resemblance to real paramedic drama is intentional. I’ve been looking at a lot of paramedic books lately in the Amazon Books and Amazon Kindle stores. Most of the paramedic books and stories represented there are strict romances with a little medical story line thrown in for context. I’ve got a different take on this for the book coming out soon. There’s a little hint of romance (to be expanded upon in future volumes) and a lot of good, realistic paramedic drama. I wanted to give you a series of paramedic books that have a realism to the ambulance calls and some basis in real anatomy and physiology.

How can I do that and still maintain the paranormal nature of the Extreme Medical Services patients? Part of it is that the patients in these paramedic books are all basically human, just different in some way. This also happens to be true for a real paramedic’s patients. Every single one is an individual. Every single one has a real life problem they think is an emergency. And, every single one deserves to get good, high-quality medical care for their problem from a caring health care professional. That’s what these paramedic books are really about, underneath it all.

Book Release Update

I’m told by the editor for Extreme Medical Services book 1 that she is almost finished the final edit and will be sending the book back to me in the next few days. That’s just in time for a final polish by me and then the proofreader (my wife). The plan is to get the book up and published with a soft launch so that all of you can get dibs on the early bird pricing of $2.99 for the Kindle/iBooks/Kobo eBook version. It’ll stay that way for just a week or so before going up to full price at $4.99.

Hopefully, you’ll all enjoy the discount and finishing the book so much that you’ll leave an honest review of the book on your preferred bookseller’s site. These reviews are important to help the book rise up in the standings on the lists. It also helps other readers like you to find the book and download it, so please leave a review when the time comes.

Stay tuned here for more updates soon. I’ll have them out for you both here and on the Extreme Medical Services paramedic books preferred reader email list here. If you’re not on that list to get freebies and book updates, you should be! Talk to you again soon!


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