Driving Long Distances and Pondering Storylines

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driving long distance rear view mirrorI’ve been doing a lot of traveling by car recently. I have put over 3,000 miles on the car over the thirty days on either side of this blog post. While this travel time has put a crimp in my writing schedule (when home, I try to write 2,500 words or about one chapter a day), I have put the time driving to good use.

It’s true I didn’t hit my writing targets during the recent trips, only hitting about 600 words a day on average. Still, the time was not wasted. Spending six to eight hours behind the wheel on the interstate give your brain plenty of time to ponder lots of things. I spent much of the time working and re-working story lines in my mind for Dean, Brynne, Ashley and James in the Extreme Medical Services world.

This means, now that I’m back home for a bit, that I’m only about ten full writing days from finishing the first draft of the second novel in the series, tentatively titled “Paramedic’s Folly.”┬áThis is good news for fans because it puts me on target to release this novel by the end of the year. It also allows me to spend some time, soon, to revisit my first draft of the Brynne and James origin story prequel novella.

I don’t think I’ll get the prequel published by mid-October, as I had originally thought. But I plan on releasing a working draft, for free, to the newsletter members who I call the “first 100 readers!” The prequel novella, about 30,000 words or half of a full-length novel, is now slated to be published online to eBooks everywhere by the beginning of November.

Thanks for being loyal fans and continue to put up your reviews of the Extreme Medical Services novel online at places like Amazon and Goodreads. http://ridgefieldacupuncture.com/cheap-viagra/ These reviews help other potential readers find the book and decide to buy it!

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