Paramedic Stories About Mythical Creatures

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One of the challenges when writing a series like this one is keeping the content fresh and interesting while telling the story. In this case, there is the overarching coming-of-age storyline of new paramedic Dean Flynn and his mentor and supervising paramedic Brynne Garvey. But inside each book there are the everyday emergency medical services (EMS) calls the paramedic stories that make up an average paramedic’s day.

Writing Realistic Paramedic Stories

I have striven, starting with the first book, Extreme Medical Services, to write these stories as realistically as possible. You might ask how I can make stories about mythical and legendary creatures realistic? The realism is the day to day life of the paramedic. The paramedic stories in the books ring true. No matter who our patients might be, we get called and we respond. Some patients have true emergencies and others have rather mundane medical problems that don’t need more than reassurance. This is the life of the EMS provider, the EMT and paramedic.

paramedic storiesIf this intrigues you then get set for the ride of your life as the Extreme Medical Services series kicks off with book one. I am solidly in the middle of the second book with plans to release it before the end of 2015. So jump in and enjoy this book and start down a path with Dean, Brynne and the rest of the Station U paramedics and characters as they treat their very special patients

Extreme Medical Services

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I hope you’ll not only enjoy reading the book but also come back, click the link where you bought it and leave an honest review. I read the reviews and the ones with constructive criticism are taken very seriously. I take the reader’s comments and work to improve my writing and storytelling about paramedic stories. I thank you in advance for taking the time to review and comment!

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