Get the Vampire and the Paramedic Novella

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The short novella (about 35,000 words or half a novel) I wrote about my two support characters is out. The story of Brynne and James and how they met up is told in the story of the Vampire and the Paramedic now available on Amazon for as little as 99¢ in ebook form.

The Vampire and the Paramedic CoverThis story also tells us more about Ashley, the ER nurse who catches the eye of Dean Flynn in Extreme Medical Services (ExMS). She will play a much larger part in the upcoming sequel to ExMS coming in December. You can learn more about her Unusual nature here in this short novella, too.

I’m enjoying writing these stories and I am humbled by the response from all of you. If you want to keep reading them, I’ll keep writing them. Stay tuned for more to come. I’ve got the entire year of 2016 blocked out with my writing and publishing schedule.

Also, if you want to join me in writing your own story down in novel form, head over to and get ready to buddy up as I write my next project series. That kicks off with Legion on the March which I will be live blogging throughout the month of November. Check the link above for how to follow that.

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