NaNoWriMo Fantasy Project “Live” Blogged All Month

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Legion-book-cover-nanowrimo-1Many of you know that I wrote the first book in the Extreme Medical Services series during 2014’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) Contest. This year for 2015, I’m starting a new series project called “The Legion of Solon” that will follow the exploits of one young noblewoman who runs away to go to war just like her older brothers.

For the month of November, 2015 I will be releasing each first draft chapter as it is completed for you all to review and enjoy (hopefully). I welcome comments on this ongoing effort. My only request is that you remember before commenting that it is a first draft and will have typos and other grammatical errors

that you would not see after even a first round of editing.

You’ll find the “Live” blog novel project on my author blog at I hope you enjoy getting a look at my process. If you end up reading the final novel (scheduled for a Spring 2016 release), ¬†you’ll get a chance to see how a book takes form from the jumbled ideas in my head to the final product in print.

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