The Paramedic’s Nemesis (ExMS Book 6) is Released

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The latest in the Extreme Medical Services series is now out for you all to read. The Paramedic’s Nemesis is book 6 in the series and continues to follow Dean Flynn on his adventures as a paramedic for the creatures of myth and legend. This book also features the return of paramedic-turned-vampire Brynne Garvey as she struggles to deal with being her bloodlust in an attempt to return to work. Get The Paramedic’s Nemesis wherever you purchase eBooks.

The creatures of myth and legend are always out amidst their human neighbors in Elk City. But when someone starts using an artifact to create hordes of mindless undead minions, the city’s human citizens are in real danger. It falls to the paramedics of Station U and the leaders of the Unusual community to band together and find the source of the infestation. With the future of the city at risk, failure is not an option for Dean Flynn and his comrades.

Meanwhile, Dean’s ex-partner is struggling with her recent change into a vampire. She knows she must find a way to overcome her bloodlust if she’s ever going to return to the streets again as a working paramedic. Her friends are there to help her, but if she doesn’t find a way to succeed, it could be a matter of life and death.

The Paramedic’s Nemesis is book six of the exciting Extreme Medical Services series, available wherever you buy books online. Ride along with paramedic Dean Flynn, his demon-hunter girlfriend, and the rest of the Extreme Medical Services team in this non-stop thriller where monsters myth and legend can be both friend and foe. Click to purchase The Paramedic’s Nemesis now.

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