paramedic 911 buttonThis is an EMS blog written from the point of view of a new paramedic thrust into a difficult situation. Dean Flynn graduated from the top of his paramedic academy class in Elk City, Maryland and expected to be granted the honor of his own pick of the stations to which he would be assigned.

What Dean got, instead, was to be chosen by his superiors and instructors to be stationed at the mysterious “Station U.” It was a post he had never heard of and he was sure he had somehow done something wrong to be stationed here. This is the story about how this newbie paramedic learns about the unknown 911 patients, the “Unusuals,” who live and lurk on the fringes of humanity.

The Reluctant Paramedic Mentor

His partner and reluctant mentor, Brynne Garvey, is an experienced paramedic with years of experience treating the special patients served by the team at Station U. She didn’t want a new partner,  especially a newbie partner fresh out of the academy. She tries to refuse the new partner but the chief insists. Brynne realizes she’s stuck with him.

Thus begins the partnership between Dean Flynn and Brynne Garvey and the rest of the Station U paramedic team as they work to care for their paranormal patients. How do you care for the creatures of myth and legend living secretly among all of us? The story of one paramedic’s tumultuous beginnings and the first times he sees his new patients are relayed here in the is “fictional” blog.

The Real Author Jamie Davis

The “real” author of this blog and the accompanying books is Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, EMS paramedic blogger, podcaster, and speaker. Jamie Davis, RN, EMT-P, B.A., A.S., host of the MedicCast and Nursing Show is a nationally recognized medical educator who began educating new emergency responders as a training officer for his local EMS program.

As a media producer, he has been recognized for the MedicCast Podcast, a weekly program for emergency medical providers like EMTs and paramedics, and the Nursing Show, a similar program for nurses and nursing students. His programs and resources have been downloaded over 4 million times by listeners and viewers.