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Extreme Medical Services Book 2 Outline Already In Progress

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For those of you who can’t wait for the release of “Extreme Medical Services” book, the editing process is almost completed. The book cover is also finalized. I’m not stopping there, however. I’ve already started outlining book two and have ideas in place for book three in the paranormal EMS series. ExMS paramedics Dean Flynn […]

Extreme Medical Services Book Cover Finalized

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After a run with over 20 different designers at 99designs.com the final cover for the novel “Extreme Medical Services” has been chosen. It was a close race between the finalists but the simplicity of the winning design and it’s ability to “grab the eye” in a smaller format (like on Amazon) is what pulled it […]

Paramedic Graduation

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The Elk City EMS academy paramedic graduation class stood at the front of the room looking out at their families and friends who watched as each of them was recognized in turn for their achievements over the last two years. The program was an Associates Degree program that culminated in the students testing for the […]

Paramedic’s Crazy First Night

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Dean literally couldn’t believe what was happening. He was in a darkened bedroom lit by a single overhead light and the flashlights of his two-person less expensive viagra EMS crew. There was a struggle was taking place, accompanied by grunting, growls and shouts of the two paramedics and their patient. The smaller of the two EMS […]


All That Glitters Isn’t a Vampire, Usually

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As the ambulance pulled in to the Jiffy Mart parking lot on Bridge Street, Dean scanned the area. Scene safety was the first responsibility and while it was moderately busy with people coming in to get their morning coffee on the way to work, there was nothing out of the ordinary. He pointed to a […]

Paramedic In Trouble With A Lady

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As the two paramedics approached the front door a man in his twenties met them on the front porch. “She’s in here, she can’t breathe!” He told them as they approached. He pulled the screen door open and held it for them as they walked through into the house. On entering the living room at […]